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Thank you, Fallbrook Samaritan

During the last frantic days before Christmas, I was diagnosed with an extremely painful spinal malfunction and break. About dusk on December 21, I went to Albertsons on one errand and my wife went to CVS for the prescribed medication.

I thought I could walk back to CVS from Albertsons; I had to stop in the lot and let the pain subside somewhat. It was at that time that the Samaritan stopped her car and asked if she could help. I, brave fellow that I am, allowed that I was just going to CVS, only a couple of hundred feet away. She reluctantly moved on and I moved on... the next cart rack about 50 feet further and hung onto the bars.

She reappeared on foot around the corner and asked if she could get me to my car. About that time my wife called on my cell phone and asked where I was and whether I could make it. I tried to make two conversations at once, telling my wife that I couldn’t make it even to CVS and thanking the Samaritan for her attempt to help me.

I’m afraid that my speech was certainly not very clear and I did not thank her for her two acts of kindness. She knew I was in trouble and she was determined not to let my situation go unaided. So to the lady in the red (it was dark) FHS sweatshirt, thank you and may God bless you and your house.

John Watson


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