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What other secrets are there?

Wikepedia (Internet) lists the number of USA centenarians (men/women who are 100 years of age or older) at 96,548 as of 11/01/2008 and by 2050, these numbers were forecasted to reach 834,000. Therefore, America’s present healthcare system must be the best in the world. So, why destroy it with Obamacare?

At tea parties I attended, the majority of attendees were senior citizens (Republicans, Democrats and Independents) deeply concerned about possible Obamacare Senior Death panels which Sarah Palin and many others believe exist in proposed Obamacare health legislation. Why does Congress keep details of Obamacare secret?

President Obama knowingly gave millions of taxpayer paid bonuses to CEOs of Wall Street and banks in his stimulus money distribution but refused to give Social Security recipients a cost of living bonus. The cost of living for 2009 rose 2.7 percent overall, according to the Labor Dept. Consumer Price Index. Therefore, Democrats have, by distributing billions of dollars of taxpayer stimulus money to banks, Wall Street and other corporations while ignoring America’s middle and working class, become the party of the rich. Many Americans barely exist on their present Social Security retirement checks.

All Medicare co-payments for the elderly are deducted from their Social Security checks by the federal government. Social Security funds Medicare? What else is hidden from America’s taxpayers?

Where have the stimulus monies gone? Why haven’t Republicans demanded it be audited monthly and published together with how this taxpayer money is spent by receiving corporations?

Archie McPhee


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