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Citizens need to speak out on quarry

Regarding the proposed quarry near Temecula, I would like to invite our fellow citizens to get involved before it is too late. Mining operations simply do not belong in heavily populated areas, especially upwind of those areas. The coastal breeze that blows in every afternoon at the south end of the Temecula Valley keeps our skies blue, our air clean and makes the area perfect for agriculture.

Families have been flocking to this valley for a generation now because of the quality of life here. There is also a budding possibility of a high tech corridor that would bring thousands of jobs and spin off new clean industries. All of this will end if we allow an open pit mine to be the new defining characteristic of our valley.

We as citizens must be well organized and informed and ready to hold our elected officials accountable. If we are not, we will end up with this ecological nightmare in our backyard. The quarry could throw off millions of dollars per year for the county in taxes and fees. This may prove too tempting for an elected official if not properly informed by the electorate.

Clearly, governments have a propensity to look for more revenue instead of reigning in spending. This would be an easy money grab for the political class, but they would be destroying the SDSU Santa Margarita Ecological Reserve, potentially poisoning the water supply for Camp Pendleton and ending our quality of life here in the Temecula Valley.

Dan Brunell



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