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Marijuana affects youth

Pot clinics across America advertise relief from ADHD, depression, headaches and anxiety. Research tells us differently.

Beware parents of the sixties. Marijuana today can be addictive and seven times more potent and dangerous.

Short-term effects: sleepiness, depression, anxiety, fear, distrust. Long-term effects of prolonged use: hypoglycemia, pancreas tires of producing insulin result is diabetes; irreversible brain changes, cerebral atrophy, disintegration of brain nerve cells, deposits called “inclusion bodies” in the nuclei of brain nerve cells; impairs person’s ability to form memories, recall events, focus attention; disrupts coordination and balance which can cause accidents.

Users of high doses can experience acute toxic psychosis, hallucinations, delusions, depersonalization; respiratory problems, daily cough/phlegm production, chest illnesses, cancer of the respiratory tract and lungs may be promoted by marijuana use.

Marijuana smoking doubles risk of obtaining head/neck cancer. Smoker’s risk of heart attack increases four times usual risk during first hour of usage.

The effect on students: lower grades and less likely to graduate from high school; can experience depression, anxiety and personality disturbances; compromises ability to learn and remember information, even after not using the drug for at least 24 hours.

Cynthia Bowers


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