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Fallbrook Tax Day Protest Enjoys Enthusiastic Support





Over 150 Fallbrookians joined other citizens around our nation protesting big government and big taxes. Local citizens gathered on Tax Day, 15 April, on the sidewalks surrounding the Fallbrook Post Office and the South Mission and Ammunition intersection sidewalks. Local residents heard about the event by “word of mouth” and from members of the newly formed nonpartisan “Fallbrook Tea Party” (See 1 April issue). A large cross-section of patriotic participants waved American flags, displayed hand made posters and showed signs expressing their reason for attending this historic event. “Over-governed and Over-taxed” read one sign; “Taxed Enough Already” read another, with the first letter of each word emphasized to convey the word “TEA.” These participants were quite obviously local citizens concerned about our country's future, not outsiders.

Passers-by blew their horns, waved their hands and gave thumbs up approval to the crowds of well mannered Tax Day protesters.

A nonpartisan “Meet Your Candidates” function sponsored by the Fallbrook Tea Party will be held at 6:30 pm on Thursday, 13 May at the San Louis Rey Downs Golf Club, 31474 Golf Club Drive, Bonsall, CA. Local citizens will have the opportunity to examine candidates for local, state and federal offices. A questionnaire has prepared by members of the nonpartisan Fallbrook Tea Party for candidate response, however candidates are asked to field any of your questions, time permitting.

The following list contains just a few of the questions on the prepared list:

1) All elected representatives (and all military personnel) take an oath of office promising to protect and to defend our nation's constitution. Will you promise to read, understand and take your oath of office seriously if elected?

2) Steering this nation toward a “one world government” seems to be a mind set within many of our elected representatives. Will you promise to do your utmost to respect and to defend our nation's sovereignty?

3) Many of our elected representatives appear to be quite sensitive to “Political Correctness” even when it goes against basic common sense. Will you promise to pursue common sense solutions and shun pressures to be “politically correct” even when your resolve meets with great resistance?

4) This nation's founders paid a great price to break away from tyrannical English rule and to safeguard our liberty's and the God given rights of “We the People.” Will you promise to do your best to safeguard all rights guaranteed in our constitution's “Bill of Rights”?

Candidates will have the opportunity to be examined by the citizens they seek to represent. A full set of questions for candidates is available by calling Dan Dakovich at: (760) 728-6807 or contact Dan at: [email protected]


Hundreds of young, middle-aged and older people gathered in rallies around town yesterday protesting, as part of the Tax Day Tea Party Rallies scheduled around the country. Rally supporters were described by an observer as "civil, friendly, but not happy with the government," as they garnered honks and waves.

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