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Educationally speaking

I appreciated Dale Mitchell’s column “Educationally Speaking” regarding teaching students how to learn. First, it is good to know what page our superintendent is on with regard to our children’s education.

Second, he has made a point of stressing something I have long thought to be missing from education. I did not have a clue of “how” to learn until somewhere in mid-life. The only thing I was able to discern at that point was that one had to actually “listen” and be mentally present in the classroom in order to learn.

I was successful in my school years simply because I had the ability to memorize things long enough to pass a test, but I did not have the ability to actually learn long-term remembering of the very things I had memorized.

I have always been amazed at the huge amount of knowledge my daughters have stored in their own memory banks! Somehow they apparently learned how to learn.

What I would like to see Mr. Mitchell address in another column is what parents need to know to create this ability in their children. What steps does one take? I don’t mean finite details, but a summary of basic directions to follow to get our children on the right path to learning.

If the library has Daniel Pink’s book mentioned by Mr. Mitchell, I am sure it will be in great demand; I am equally sure there will be many parents who won’t take the time to read it.

Ann Harter


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