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A Republican who thinks for himself

I had a telephone call the other day from a Tea Party enthusiast (Needless to say he didn’t identify himself!) Anyway, he told me, amongst expletives, that I was a RINO. This was a new one for me, but what it means is “Republican in name only.”

I ask you, does this mean that all members who think for themselves, and don’t fit into the categories spelled out by the right fringe of our party, are RINO’s? I thought we GOP members prided ourselves on our ability to think for ourselves, instead of being party automatons. Really, is that so bad? If it is, then you could certainly call Abe Lincoln a RINO; same goes for Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Is the party’s leadership telling me to just send them money and quit with the criticism? If they are, then I’m outa’ there!

However, I prefer to think that real GOP members think as I do, and want what is best for America and Americans. One of these days our party will return to real GOP principles.

Robert F. Green


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