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A non-NIMBY speaks out

It’s not true that only NIMBY’s (Not In My Back Yarders) are complaining about Caltran’s planned Existing Alignment alternative of Highway SR76 (Mission Rd. to I-15).

I don’t consider myself a NIMBY, as I live about five miles north of SR76. I’m part of the population of Fallbrook that accesses SR76 via tributary roads other than S. Mission.

Caltrans has proposed two alternatives: the first one is a mere alignment and widening of the existing SR76 (Existing Alignment), fraught with safety and circulation issues because, except for Gird and Via Monserate, the southbound roads that intersect SR76, would not have opening in the center divider to allow ingress or egress of traffic.

You would not be able to make a left hand turn to go east to the I-15 except at Gird and Via Monserate. The reverse is true for eastbound traffic on SR76 desiring to make a left hand turn to go north on any other road besides those two.

The second alternative, designated as the Southern Alignment proposes a new four-lane highway which essentially would be uninterrupted between Sweetgrass and Sage Road, leaving the existing SR76 to act as a frontage road.

The best choice for the residents of Fallbrook is to construct the new four-lane Southern Alignment route. This choice provides a much safer plan. By keeping the existing SR76 intact, it allows for better circulation of everyday traffic. And it provides ready access for emergency vehicles as well as a viable evacuation route in times of a disaster.

Charles Joseph Tillotson


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