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Illegal means illegal

I watched CNN the other day and saw an interview of an ex-Secretary of State regarding Arizona’s new stand on immigration. Neither the interviewer, nor the ex-Secretary of State once mentioned the word “illegal” when talking of immigrants. What is it with some people that they have difficulty calling a spade, a spade?

My solution to the immigration problem is as follows: Notify all illegal aliens through the TV or the media that all “illegals” in this country must notify the US government of their location and status immediately. Those who comply will be allowed six months to voluntarily leave the country, and will not be punished.

Further, they can then apply for re-entry in their country of origin, and be allowed to re-enter as legal resident aliens when their names come to the top of the list.

Those “illegals” who don’t notify the US government of their status and whereabouts will be sought out by officers of the US government and deported to their country of origin. They will be fingerprinted as law-breakers, and will not be allowed to apply for re-entry into the US.

That’s what I would do – how about you?

Robert F. Green


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