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Thank you 'Angel Guy'

This is a letter of apology and thanks to a sweet gentleman at a stop light.

I left my house the morning of June 2 in a rush, in my little motorhome. I was driving to Texas to await the arrival of my first grandchild. I was a little excited. I put the last of my baggage in my rig and rolled out the driveway from my house near the high school. I got to the stoplight at the Mobil station on 395. I stop. Someone starts banging on my rig. “What the heck?” I think to myself. I open my door and see this adorable man getting out of his car next to me. My electrical cord is still plugged in and dangling. The cord had been dragging since I left my house. He was rescuing the cord.

Unfortunately, in alarm I think I may have uttered a profanity (sorry) and I am not sure if he heard me tell him “Thank you.”

It all happened so fast... before the light turned green he had unplugged the cord, wound it up and handed it to me. And then he was back in his car and I never got a chance to tell him how much I appreciated what he did for me.

So if you are that guy... know I am thanking God for you and think it must have been an angel driving behind me. I pray God blesses you beyond anything you can imagine. Thank you, Angel Guy.

Donna Miller


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