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Improving Fallbrook's SR76 safety

Widening of SR76 between Mission Road and I-15 will affect Fallbrook’s safety depending on which route Caltrans selects in the next few months.

Caltrans’ Northern Alternative makes Pala Road a four-lane divided highway. Head-on collisions are eliminated. But, residents and emergency vehicles will loose some access. A dozen or so driveways and small roads will become right-turn-only and some may close. Commuters will quickly fill the widened SR76 once opened. Traffic volume, noise and pollution will double, and speeds will increase. Entering and exiting may not be safer. Emergency evacuation during a fire may not be improved.

Caltrans’ Southern Alternative crosses the river at Sweetgrass Lane and runs through rural land and then crosses north at Sage Road leading to I-15. Two bridges and land purchases increase the cost. High volume, high speed traffic flows safely south across the river. But, Pala Road remains a local road, providing full two-way local and emergency access to all. More importantly, Pala Road would be there as a backup evacuation route during emergencies.

Please email Mark Phelan, Caltrans SR76 project manager at [email protected] and support the safer Southern Alternative.

Frank Hainey


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