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Re: 'Where was Obama on Memorial Day? [Letter, Village News, 6-10-10]

The hypocrisy of the Obama-haters:

Jim Lowery wrote an angry and passionate letter decrying the fact that President Obama didn’t attend Memorial Day ceremonies at Arlington National Cemetery, but rather “chose to speak at a function in Chicago.”

Hate blinds – and this letter is a perfect example.

First, a little history lesson: not all presidents have always chosen to honor Memorial Day at Arlington. Looking back we find that President Reagan spoke at West Point one year and in California another year. President George HW Bush did not attend Memorial Day at Arlington at all. President Clinton attended Arlington all eight years of his presidency. George W. Bush skipped the first two years, but then attended Arlington from 2003 on.

Last year Obama did attend Arlington, but this year he decided to honor our war dead at the Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery outside Chicago, prompting this response from an AMVETS spokesman, “…Arlington is certainly not the only place our fallen heroes are buried, so why not pay your respects to veterans around the country?”

A Department of Veterans Affairs official, responsible for the 131 national cemeteries, said Obama’s decision to visit a cemetery named for Lincoln is appropriate, since the 16th president established the country’s first 14 national cemeteries.

I wonder if Mr. Lowery’s anger will be shifted, or at least spread, to Reagan and the two Bush presidents. And he must have high praise indeed for President Clinton.

Jon Monday


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