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Shame on those that discredit Granite

The anti-quarry groups will do anything to discredit Granite Construction and the quarry they propose to build.

My wife and I are amazed to read and hear the misinformation and negative tone of the anti-quarry folks. Not only are they displaying unrelated photographs of overturned trucks, fictional statistics, trashed rivers, they are using outright misinformation about the effects of the quarry on the environment, i.e., water, air and traffic.

When we owned 20 acres on Rollins Lake in Grass Valley, Calif., we passed a quarry on the 15-mile country road from town to our property; there were no evil effects.

What naysayers neglect to mention are the many positive benefits: middle-class jobs with health care and pensions generated by the quarry.

In contrast to the continuous negative press about Granite, please consider that we are fortunate to have a large, responsible, environmentally sensitive company like Granite take on the project; if we are not careful, we may lose this company to a less favorable contractor.

For those of you who are misinformed, take a deep breath and read the many reports by different agencies about the benefits to our area. In response to the “Who dictates pro-Liberty quarry letters?” of July 1, this letter was not written from a Granite public relations department, but a citizen that loves Fallbrook and its people.

Sten Thordarson


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