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Garage Sale Success Tips

It’s prime garage sale season. Those interested in conquering the clutter once and for all and offering items to willing buyers can improve their chances of success by following some key tips.

Individuals have different reasons for holding garage sales. Some people are moving and want to thin out items before packing. Others are looking to make a little extra spending cash. Still others simply enjoy the socialization garage sales provide.

Garage sales can garner a person a good profit. However, if the goal is to make as much money as possible on high-end goods, such as antiques or collectibles, a garage sale is probably not the best place to do this type of selling. Instead, choose a reputable online bidding site or advertise specialty merchandise in the local newspaper.

Those who want to clear out their home, cull through the excess clutter and make a few dollars along the way will find that garage sales can be the ideal way to do so ... if done the right way. Otherwise they can be a waste of time. Here are some pointers to maximize success.

• Wait until there are enough items to fill a few tables and spread larger merchandise on the driveway or lawn. Individuals will be drawn to a sale that looks like it has a good quantity of items to pick through.

• Think about a joint garage sale. Getting together with neighbors enables a larger amount of sale items and may attract a bigger crowd.

• It's better to have the sale on one main day than stretch it over two or three days. Weekends provide the most action, particularly Saturday. Avoid long weekends to hold a garage sale because most people go out of town.

• Garage sale visitors tend to be early birds. Therefore, schedule the sale for the early morning into the afternoon. An 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. sale will enable a good number of people to make it to the sale.

• Set up the merchandise the night before and house it in the garage or another locked area. Simply move it out onto the display tables before the sale.

• Realistically set prices. Remember, a garage sale is an opportunity to unload items quickly. Don't expect to earn what was originally paid for each item. Be prepared to part with things for a steal.

• Advertise the garage sale in the local newspaper several days in advance. Some people like to post signs in high-traffic areas as well, such as traffic intersections or by the entrance to the local supermarket.

• Have easy-to-read signs that mark the way to the sale, including the address and any directional markers. Balloons and streamers can help make the signs more visible. Be sure drivers can read the signs from the car. Writing that is too small will be ineffective. Keep the signs brief and include the date, time and address.

It is best to host the sale in the front yard where passersby can easily see the items on display. Garages are ideal for poor weather conditions but are more difficult to scan for possible treasures. The backyard should only be used as a last resort because it is the least visible.

Remember that the goal is to sell the most items so they don't have to be packed back up and either put inside or taken to the dump. Be able to part with items for less than originally marked. Consider slashing prices as the end of the sale draws nearer.


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