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Try these easy tips to conserve fuel

CALIFORNIA – Whether due to the struggling economy or an increased desire to live a more environmentally-conscious life, many California drivers are exploring ways in which they can conserve fuel. While riding a bicycle to work or taking public transportation are both reliable means to conserving fuel, there are many other ways to do so as well.

• Don't accelerate too quickly. Accelerating too quickly from a dead stop taxes the engine and requires more fuel as a result.

• Don't overfill the gas tank. When filling your tank, stop once you hear the first click at the pump. Overfilling will simply lead to spillover.

• Empty the trunk. It might be convenient to keep your golf clubs in the trunk, but that excess weight could be forcing your engine to work harder and use more fuel as a result.

• Close the windows when driving at higher speeds. When the windows are open at high speeds, that added air drag is reducing your vehicle's fuel efficiency substantially.

• Don't idle too long in the mornings to "warm up" the vehicle. In general, a vehicle does not need more than 60 seconds of warming up to be able to operate efficiently.

• Don't rev the engine like you're driving a race car. Revving the engine needlessly wastes fuel and can even lead to engine damage.

• Maintain your vehicle. Older filters make it harder for an engine to run at maximum efficiency, so stick to the recommended maintenance schedule.

• Keep tires properly inflated. Poorly inflated tires lead to “drag” that makes the engine work harder and use more fuel.


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