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Granite 'non-facts'

Richard Loomis’ July 23, 2010 letter to the Californian “Entitled to Opinions” overlooks and misstates facts:

1) Granite’s “environmental expert” Lilburn Corporation, San Bernardino, was suddenly and unexpectedly brought in at the last minute by Granite. Why?

“Go read” as Loomis would say: Lilburn’s website, It shows background photos of huge ammonium nitrate blasting quarries, and lists dozens of satisfied mining companies as clients.

Click on Lilburn’s mission statement: “getting to yes.” Lilburn knows how to ram quarries through bureaucracies for approval. That’s what they’re good at, and how they make the big bucks.

Does it sound like they’re looking out for the 250,000 people of our still beautiful greater Temecula Valley?

Do they know or care why over 100 Temecula doctors and over 400 Temecula businesses have signed petitions to stop the quarry? No. Lilburn works for the miners, not us.

2) Loomis’ hypes tours of quiet little sand pits such as Granite’s Indio sand quarry which isn’t analogous at all to the monster blasting quarry and smelly asphalt and cement industrial plant complex planned for Temecula. Even Granite doesn’t run those misleading “Come see for yourself” ads anymore.

Loomis substitutes empty bombastic rhetoric such as “shame,” “scream,” “folks,” “mockery,” “scare,” “spin,” “speculate,” “distorting” in place of actual, documented facts.

The most relevant truth about him, which he actually discloses, is that he lives in faraway Hemet. He’s not one of us.

Nick Biddle



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