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Let's get to the quarry bottom line

Aren’t we all getting a little weary of the “he said; she said” letters coming from

people who don’t even live in the area?

Let’s get down to the bottom line!

Do the 300,000+ residents of Temecula, Murrieta, Rainbow or Fallbrook want one of the largest open pit gravel mines in the United States in our communities? The answer (from the residents) is no, we don’t.

It’s as simple as that.

So, people, it is time to put your action where your intentions are.

If you want to stop this unacceptable project, make some noise. Start your own group. The more the better. Write to the Riverside Supervisors; tell them how you feel.

Write the Temecula city council; tell them what you want.

Go to and learn about the issues. All the information is there.

Tell your friends. Email your friends. Put it on Face Book. Call SOS Hills to have a presentation for your HOA. Volunteer. Donate to help others stop it. Do something to help if you are not.

Make enough noise in public, and they will just want it to end. What matters is the action that you take.

Jerri Arganda



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