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American pride gone awry

The immigration debate is so emotionally exaggerated some of the statements border on myth: “We are being invaded,” “We are overrun to the point we are no longer America,” “We need to save America.”

I’m not denying the fact that illegal immigration is a problem. Unfortunately, vitriol and fear are substituted for calm rationality. Granted, the federal government has been extremely slow with reform, citizens have been victims of violence by illegal immigrants, health care costs are increasing, etc. I understand the motivation to enforce immigration at a state level. However, considering the inefficiency of our legal entry process, to think people should all simply wait to enter legally is American pride gone awry.

Illegal immigrants aren’t here to cause problems; they’re here to work hard, which contributes to our high standard of living. They’re imbedded in many things we take for granted: farming, construction, tourism, etc. According to Fox Business writer Ken Sweet, and many others, the economic benefits outweigh the costs. He also reports that 50-75 percent of illegal immigrants already pay local, state, and federal income taxes. So, let’s not angrily kick them out or put them in jail. Let’s fight to make them legal.

Let’s demand streamlining of the legal entry process so they can be recognized and not hide. Until a person can come here quickly, easily, and legally, it’s in our best interest that workers enter illegally.

Further, let’s give them health care, let’s stop with the vigilante justice, and let’s thank them for their labor.

Tim Orsino


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