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Highway SR76 DEIR release is imminent

A DEIR (Draft Environmental Impact Report) represents a collection of data from a host of federal, state, county agencies and Consultants all addressing the same issue; change!

Simply stated, the DEIR is a document containing studies of how proposed changes will impact an existing condition and does not identify a “preferred route alignment.”

The SR76 DEIR provides studies on six criteria established by Caltrans; Traffic (congestion, circulation and safety), Natural Environment (water quality, wildlife, floodplain area), Endangered Species (Gnatcatcher, Vireo and Arroyo Toads), Social Impacts(community character and cohesion), Cost (construction and mitigation) and Technical Issues (noise, air quality, historic sites).

The SR76 East section DEIR provides 800 pages of text on the subjects listed above for the “existing alignment” and “southern alignment.” Caltrans calls this list their “Project Alternative Criteria” and it is used to select the preferred route alternative. What is not known is how each of the six criteria is weighted. Does Caltrans place greater weighting on public safety and public opinion than on cost?

The public has 45 days after the DEIR is released to submit written comments to Caltrans on route alignment preferences. Caltrans will also host a single three-hour open forum to “give the public an opportunity view the route alternatives” and make written and verbal comments to a stenographer.

Attend the public meeting; be prepared to ask questions. Request DEIR CD at

Visit 76Action website,, for information on route alternatives, “Caltrans Project Alternative Criteria” and updated DEIR release information.

Monty Voigt

76Action Chair


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