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Sheriffs train for active shooter and put it into use immediately

Julie Reeder


Fallbrook Sheriff deputies responded Thursday, July 21, at about 5 p.m. to a report of a black Mercedes behind CVS with people inside waving and pointing a gun at people.

Deputies responded in force, ready for a possible live shooter situation. Six units, 11 Fallbrook deputies and a canine showed up with guns drawn.

Fifteen males were detained, sitting on a curb with their hands behind their head, feet crossed and wrists tied.

Sgt. Scroggins, the sergeant in charge, said they received a call about the Mercedes with people pointing guns and they said it was parked over here. "When we got here, there was a black Mercedes and a large group of people, so we detained everyone. We searched the car and found an Airsoft or BB pellet type gun. We contacted the people who claimed to be victims or reported the crimes and we were unable to locate a victim or somebody who was willing to be a victim, so basically we're documenting that we detained all these adults and juveniles. We're releasing the adults and the juveniles to family members."

When asked how there were twice as many units available to respond, Sgt. Scroggins said, "We actually had a training video going on so our patrol team was doing active shooter training, so they were close by, and the CST units were covering the patrol duties so they could train, so we had enough deputies to cover the situation."

"For us, this luckily turned into a big nothing because everyone complied," noted Scroggins.

Fallbrook Lt. Hernandez said, "They [deputies] had just finished their scenarios. So they happened to all be working patrol at once, which was great because we are usually pretty short staffed."

Regarding the active shooter training, Lt. Hernandez said, "Jason Ferguson, one of our deputies, is very knowledgeable with tactical situations. He was on the SWAT Team and was helped by current SWAT Team members to put the training together. He did an amazing job."

Lt. Hernandez said the team was training close by at North Coast church, which "was so supportive in providing the venue and lots of role players."

There are no charges being filed because there are no victims.


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