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FUESD Marine father vows to get more involved

Julie Reeder


At the FUESD school board meeting on June 20, a Marine father, who wished to remain anonymous in the Village News, conveyed his dismay regarding his family’s experience with a teacher at San Onofre Elementary on Camp Pendleton.

His family, including three children, has transferred to Camp Pendleton from Yokosuka, Japan. He explained that while they live in the school district, and the military is such a supporter of the school district, they cannot vote for their school board directors. Their family had only been at the school for three weeks as of the school board meeting.

He said he became concerned recently after visiting the nurse's office to give his daughter some medicine. He arrived at the school, and to his dismay, there was a placard for the Gay, Straight Alliance, which he told the board of directors that he thought was irrelevant, inappropriate, and unprofessional for elementary school-aged children.

Then his 11-year-old daughter came home and informed him that the counselor and other staff were wearing rainbow flag pins. He asked if there was an American flag displayed, which she said there was not.

He wanted to know from the board, “Why not display the American flag which stands for liberty & justice for all?

Then his 9-year-old came home and asked him, “Daddy, what is non-binary?”

He said, “Why do you ask?” She said, “I was sitting at the girl's table at lunch, but I was cold and the boy's table was in the sun, so I wanted to sit in the sun, but when I went over there, the kids started calling me non-binary.” He said, “What did you do?” She said, “I went back over to the girls’ table and just was cold.”

He said they talk about school at the dinner table and after only 1 ½ weeks at the school, his third-grader said she was learning about being non-binary. They were reading a book called My Shadow is Purple.

He had his daughter removed from the classroom.

He said, “When I spoke to the principal, he said, ‘My hands are tied. That book was purchased at the school book fair.’ That was his excuse.”

“At that point I sent an email to the school board, he said. One hour later I received a call from Cindy Martin, who is still the Interim Superintendent. I was happy she was so responsive.”

“She asked me questions and assured me that the book is not part of the curriculum. She also said that the teacher is on paid administrative leave while they investigate.”

“The next day, 6 or 7 mothers contacted us and told us it wasn’t the first time. So now I’m going to get extremely involved.”

Dr. Miriam Grossman MD, author of the 2009 book “Your teaching my children what?” has a new book being released in July called, “Lost in Transnation, A Child’s Psychiatrist’s Guide Out of the Madness.”

In a recent podcast with clinical psychologist Jordan Petersen, she said she is especially concerned that parents are being led to believe that kids can deny biology and they end up paying a huge price, including possibly the death of their student.

Dr. Petersen said, “You mean they pay a large price like sterility, lowered voice, damaged forearm, decreased bone density, a penis that doesn’t work, increased probability of cancer, no evidence of mental health benefit, family trauma, increased risk of suicide, regret, no ability to breastfeed or erotic sensation?”

Dr. Grossman said, “Yes, when your son or daughter comes home and says they don’t identify as their biological sex, it’s necessary for all parents to be aware of what is going on in the schools.

“Parents are told that if they don’t affirm their child, they may lose them to suicide. But there is no data to support that. In fact, young people who transition are much more likely to commit suicide.”

She said, “We are in the midst of hysteria.” She believes it’s fueled by social media and what the students are being introduced to at school. She said, “Numbers in the past 5 to 10 years have included explosive growth of individuals coming in for treatment of gender dysphoria. Ten years ago 1 in 10 to maybe 30 in 100,000 people. It was so rare 20 years ago for a teenager to present as gender dysphoric.”

“Now we have studies showing 10 or 20% identifying in a high school might identify as not being male or female.

“We have no long-term data to know how it affects them. Data we do have shows regret may take 8 to 10 years to develop, and not only does it take time to develop but then takes time to deal with it and come out with it publicly.

Those people don’t come back to the doctors and clinics. They can’t sue, it’s too late. Their LGBTQ friends shun them.”

Dr. Grossman also said that most grassroots movements are from the bottom up, but this movement is definitely from the top down.


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