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Kids say the funniest things

Quotes from brothers Jameson, 7, and Seamus, 5, over the years. Submitted by their mother, Kathy Custer.

When Jameson was 3, he put a toy screw driver on his mother’s arm and began to twist it...

Jameson: “Mom you’re all screwed up.”


(With a french fry still firmly stuck up Seamus’s right nostril, we entered the waiting room of the second ER for the day. While standing in line to check in, Seamus, age 2, repeatedly expressed his enthusiasm for wanting to sit in their big chairs. There were only five patients spread throughout the 75-chair waiting room. We finished checking in)...

Mom: “Ok Seamus, you may choose any chair you’d like to sit in!”

(Seamus takes his time looking around the room; really taking it all in to make the very best decision.)

Mom: “Which chair would you like to sit in?”

(Seamus fully extends his arm pointing directly at the chair nearest us. There was an elderly man, with a cane, firmly sitting there, staring right back at Seamus.)

(A waiting woman-patient watching this, begins laughing).

(Mother is also laughing)…

Mom: “Um, that chair is taken. Is there an ‘empty’ chair that you would like to sit in?”


Mom: “Jameson, Ipo doggie was cuddling with you all morning; he loves you so much.”

Jameson (age 3): “I love Ipo as much as a rocket blasting towards him.”


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