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Someone dumps their yacht downtown

Julie Reeder

On Aug. 31, people downtown noticed something new on the corner of West Alvarado and Pico Street. I feel like it takes a special kind of a person to dump their couch or a washing machine or some old mattresses or tires, but what kind of a person dumps their boat?

Someone has dumped a boat, still on the trailer. First, of course, they removed all the identifying information. I guess we can be thankful it was left on the trailer at least. It could have been worse if it was just left on the street.

Village News called the California Highway Patrol, thinking they would be the right agency to take care of the nuisance, but they declined the opportunity, saying it was our city government's responsibility. Boy, if only I had a nickel for every time I heard that! (I should have called Lila at the Chamber! Ha ha) I explained that we are not a city. We are unincorporated. She recommended that I call the Sheriff.

After calling the Sheriff, we're waiting to file a report or see what they say.

In the meantime, we are pleased that no one has taken up residence in the vessel. The grandkids tried to talk me into taking it home for a fort, but I'm afraid our pool probably isn't big enough and the neighbors wouldn't appreciate it in our front yard.

What kind of a boat is it? Well, someone once told me that the definition of a yacht is any boat that you can't afford, so, it's a yacht.

If anyone is interested in a yacht, it's in the middle of downtown near our Village News office.


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