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Wild Wonders mourns the loss of cheetah ambassador Hasani

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Wild Wonders, the renowned animal sanctuary located in Bonsall, announced the tragic loss of Hasani, a six-year-old cheetah who served as an exceptional animal ambassador and helped raise awareness and funds for the conservation of cheetahs. Hasani's journey through a recent health crisis had captured the hearts of many, and now, in the wake of his passing, the sanctuary is facing mounting medical expenses.

An official statement from Wild Wonders said, "As we have shared, Hasani has been fighting Valley Fever. The most brutal and heartbreaking decision was made to send Hasani to peace.

"He took a drastic turn for the worse on Friday morning and his lungs were too damaged to recover. As always with grace, our big beautiful sweet boy fought valiantly against this monstrous disease and purred up until the end.

"He was surrounded by love from his people.

"He was a tough kid and very rambunctious who bloomed into a big beautiful, calm, amazing ambassador."

Wild Wonders is a unique sanctuary that not only provides a loving forever home to a variety of animals but also dedicates itself to education and conservation efforts. They annually conduct hundreds of educational outreach programs in schools and libraries, and they welcome guests to their site for private interactive animal experiences. The sanctuary also collaborates with multiple conservation organizations worldwide, contributing to the global effort to protect wildlife.

Hasani, like his fellow cheetah residents at Wild Wonders, played a crucial role in educating the public about the plight of cheetahs in Africa. Unfortunately, in the past month, Hasani experienced a severe decline in health due to Valley Fever, exhibiting symptoms such as loss of appetite, extreme lethargy, and pain.

Recognizing the urgency of Hasani's situation, the staff at Wild Wonders called upon a team of cheetah experts to transport him to a local animal hospital for a thorough evaluation. Hasani underwent extensive diagnostic tests, including blood work and an ultrasound, to identify the source of his ailment and determine the best course of treatment.

After a stressful and anxious period for both Hasani and his dedicated caretakers, the diagnosis was confirmed: Valley Fever, a serious but treatable fungal infection affecting his lungs. The dedicated team of veterinarians, vet techs, and clinic support staff provided Hasani with the emergency care he needed while acutely ill.

The medical treatments that Hasani received, although necessary, resulted in medical bills and expenses that Wild Wonders still must pay, so a GoFundMe was started to help cover the expenses. As of Dec. 31, $3,970 had been raised of the $20,000 goal.

Wild Wonders has stated that donations to assist with the medical expenses are greatly appreciated, regardless of the amount. Additionally, the sanctuary encourages individuals to consider booking private animal experiences, birthday parties, or other events as a way to help cover Hasani's medical costs during their slow season.

To donate or learn more about Wild Wonders and their ongoing conservation efforts, visit their Go Fund Me page:


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