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AC Investigations reunites loved ones

Private investigator Tony Campbell from AC Investigations took a call from a 78-year-old woman, Angela, out of Riverside recently.

"She was desperately concerned about her ex-boyfriend, Bill, who she hadn't heard from for some time except some rumors that he was homeless in Oceanside, possibly living in an RV," Campbell said.

He said she had even heard that he was a "vegetable."

"She still cared about him and just wanted to make sure he was OK," he said. "They were in a relationship a few years back and she never stopped caring for him and she was interested in where he was."

Apparently, he also had daughters in another state who were also concerned, he said.

Campbell said he found the daughters and spoke with them for more information.

The only clue that Angela could give Campbell to help him find Bill was that she had heard he frequented Brother Benno's Homeless Outreach in Oceanside.

According to Campbell, "The first thing that needed to be done was a DMV search for the RV that she suspected he may be living in. Secondly, a comprehensive report on the subject was run in addition to visiting the Oceanside Police Department which is known to keep track of homeless people."

After visiting the police department, they sent Campbell to Brother Benno's to visit with the deputy in that area. While arriving, Oceanside police deputies were making an arrest, so he waited and talked to an employee and security with no avail.

"After about 20 minutes I was able to approach an Oceanside officer who right away recognized the subject," Campbell said. "He was able to tell me which street the RV was parked on. The officer advised that the RV was broken down and that there was a fugitive also living in Bill's RV which was a meth dealer. And that Bill was suspected to be a user of meth these days. The officers advised if I went there, to be aware of my surroundings because of the people that come in and out of the RV.

"After going to the street location where Oceanside PD directed me to, there were several broken down RVs. I discovered one of them to be the subject's RV after checking the plates of several RVs through the DMV. When I got a hit, I knew then it was my subject's RV. I immediately contacted my client to let her know. She was overjoyed," he said.

While Campbell waited at the location for a couple hours, the client arrived in an Uber vehicle.

Campbell set up surveillance while the client was en route.

Campbell said, "I was in hopes that I would observe my subject [Bill] exiting the RV, which did not happen, although multiple people were entering and exiting. I stood by. Client arrived, and I advised the Uber driver to pull up in front and I would get out and knock on the door of the RV."

Campbell notified Oceanside police for a "keeping the peace" call.

"My concern was because of the numerous homeless and drug users in the area, I wanted to be sure that my client was safe in the environment when we made contact," he said.

After knocking on the door, he heard, "Who is it?"

"It's Tony."

"Hold on. We have to unlock the door."

There were eight people inside the RV.

"After entering the RV, I told Bill that I had a surprise for him and that his daughters and ex-girlfriend were concerned about him and one of his surprises was standing right outside the RV," Campbell said. "He came out and saw my client and it was a happy reunion. These are the days I love my job."

The names have been changed to protect the innocent.


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