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My culinary journey leads to a career

My passion and my journey in culinary have blossomed over the past year. I was able to take my first Introduction to Culinary class junior year. This year I was lucky enough to take two culinary classes, advanced culinary and advanced baking. Through those classes I have gained many skills that I was able to practice at school, home, and at work.

My culinary classes quickly became my favorite classes and what I looked forward to the most throughout the school day. Not only for my amazing teacher/chef or the free food, but I noticed I had potential and I felt like I was good at something, for the first time in a long time.

I also got to be more hands on and learn more skills and techniques since working at Grand Tradition Garden and Estates. Currently my position is Banquet Prep, and I recently received a promotion. I was given the opportunity to get a head start in the kitchen officially. Working there, my love for culinary just blossomed.

I get to work around amazing chefs that teach me new techniques and methods. Being able to be around people with a passion and love for culinary arts just fuels my fire.

Through my school's culinary program, I've had multiple presentations about culinary programs. One that really stuck out to me was a presentation about the CIA, Culinary Institute of America. A representative came in and talked to us about their campus and what their school has to offer.

My aspirations

Currently with the money I've been saving from working, I plan on saving until I can attend my dream culinary school, CIA, on the New York campus. After I graduate, I plan on attending Palomar College then transferring to CIA to further my culinary education.

A big dream of mine since I was young was to have my own little bakery. I grew up watching "Cake Boss," "Chopped" and various cooking and baking Youtubers. My favorite part about the art of food and culinary is being able to create and try new things. With my education and experience in hospitality, I am excited to see what the next chapter brings on this culinary journey I am on.


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