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A&A Harvesting Service: a three-generation family business

It can make a world of difference when a grower decides to use a well-experienced company such as A&A Harvesting Service to pick their crop.

Jesus Avina, owner of A&A Harvesting Service, is proud that the quality of grove care his family has provided over the years is being carried forward now by the third generation.

“My father and [late] grandfather had this business for 37 years here in Fallbrook,” said office manager Tony Avina.

From San Diego to Ventura County, the Avina family has established themselves with a reputation of integrity when it comes to harvesting.

Avina believes a large part of his family’s success can be credited to their own avocado groves, located in Rainbow and Valley Center.

“We pride ourselves in the fact that we can relate to what everybody is going through, from labor to water cutbacks and everything else,” he said.

This company efficiently incorporates all the important steps needed to maintain a healthy grove. A&A Harvesting Service specializes in pruning, trimming, stumping, thinning groves and more.

With many years in business under their belt, the Avina family has been fortunate to have a good group of dedicated employees.

“At peak season we have about 50 to 60 people working with us, and some are third generation workers,” Avina said.

Their peak season, he said, runs from January through August and a grove can be picked two to three times.

Although its base service is harvesting avocados and tree trimming groves, A&A Harvesting Service has added some additional services.

“We do tree trimming at private homes,” Avina said, “and we are also on the referral list for mowing services for the fire department.”

A&A Harvesting Service is a dependable company if a residential or commercial property owner needs mowing/weed abatement services.

With much of the greater Fallbrook area still rural, this company can assist greatly with fire safety. “After the fires last year, the fire department is stricter with clearance issues, so we can help people out with this,” Avina said.

Depending on the particulars of large parcels, Avina says sometimes it makes sense for the property owner to put a fire break in a strategic location. “Putting in a fire break can save you money,” he said.

If requested to do so by the property owner, A&A Harvesting is willing to visit a property they are clearing for fire safety a couple times a year, ensuring all safety guidelines are being met. This includes clearing around structures and thinning out trees and shrubs where necessary.

“During the year, we like to do clearance after the rains – around May – and then again around August or September, just in case there has been more growth,” Avina said.

According to Avina, his crew recently finished a 20-acre abatement project in De Luz where they cleared a whole mountainside.

From harvesting crops to fire safety clearing jobs, Avina says after 37 years in business, A&A Harvesting continues to be proud to serve the community.

For more information, call Avina at (760) 728-8752 or (760) 535-4305.

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