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Bianchi OB/GYN makes women's health a priority

Bianchi OB/GYN Associates is committed to providing comprehensive healthcare for females in every stage of life. Anthony Bianchi, MD, a board certified specialist, has been in practice for 17 years and directs two fine medical offices, one in Fallbrook and the other in Temecula.

In addition to annual pelvic exams, Bianchi’s practice also involves modern laparoscopic surgeries and ultrasounds, assisting in pregnancy care and helping women who are transitioning into menopause.

Bianchi’s message to women is simple: focus on achieving and sustaining good health. This includes a healthy diet, cardiovascular exercise, spiritual health and being around people who bring positive things into one’s life.

And part of this healthy package is having an annual OB/GYN checkup. “You owe that annual exam to yourself,” said Bianchi.

It’s true that women are notorious for caring for others before taking care of themselves. Be it a spouse, children or grandchildren, women are constantly busy. Bianchi fondly refers to this as the “extra nurturing gene.” This physician encourages women to place their own healthcare needs at the top of their “To Do” lists.

“I also think now, with the additional stress of the economy, it’s even easier for women to not have their exam,” said Bianchi. But missing an annual pelvic exam and/or mammogram is never advisable.

As far as Bianchi is concerned, mammograms are still the golden standard even though women are not getting them on a regular basis. “I know that a mammogram machine isn’t the most comfortable apparatus, but getting breast cancer is a lot more uncomfortable physically, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually,” he said.

Known for his kind bedside manner and individualized patient care, Bianchi says he feels honored to be able to help his patients. An annual well woman exam at Bianchi OB/GYN Associates typically includes a pelvic exam, breast exam and, depending on a patient’s age, a digital rectal exam.

In addition to a Pap smear lab test, Bianchi also checks for any suspicious evidence of labial, bladder, rectal or vaginal cancer. “Those cancers can be felt and seen by a simple exam,” said Bianchi. For example, bladder cancer doesn’t always present itself with blood in the urine, but a pelvic exam can help detect it.

During the office visit, a patient will have a breast exam. “A lot of my patients don’t know what to look for,” Bianchi noted. “We educate them on how to do a SBE (self breast exam) and those high-risk areas to palpate.”

Also during the exam, a patient’s heart and lungs will be listened to. “We want to make sure lung fields are clear,” said Bianchi, who has seen an increase in bronchitis due to the recent unusual weather patterns.

Bianchi’s associate, Evelyn Silk, CFNP, is highly regarded for her active involvement in menopausal research programs at the University of California, San Diego. She plays a valuable role in the Bianchi OB/GYN Associates team.

“My staff is fantastic,” said Bianchi. “They have a passion for doing what they do.”

Bianchi has taught his staff that although it is his name on the door, he is not the boss. “The real bosses are my patients who walk through our door,” he said, “and I feel privileged to have them.”

Dr. Bianchi’s Fallbrook office is located at 113 South Vine Street, Suite A, and can be contacted by phone at (760) 723-2313. The Temecula office is at 29645 Rancho California Road, Suite 214, and can be reached at (951) 676-2663.

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