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To our military comrades at war with terrorists

John S. Cardona wrote a vicious untruth in his letter of October 29, and in doing so demonstrated disrespect for your Commander-in-Chief, Barack Obama.

Cardona falsely attributed a direct quote to the president and then used it to vilify your Commander and questioned his even being an American.

I know the quote is a lie, because something rather unusual happened when I went to advanced search on Google and used the “exact wording or phrase” option and typed in Cardona’s quote: “If you capture a terrorist, question him and let him go.”

The unusual response was that I got the exact quote within two seconds. Also unusual was getting only one response, rather than 100,000-plus. The single Google response displayed was and came from John S. Cardona, an unmitigated fabricator. I now know the real source of Cardona’s quote: his own poisoned mind.

President Obama is an honorable man and a responsible commander, deeply troubled with the growing loss of lives of our dedicated and patriotic troops in Afghanistan.


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