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Re: 'The climes they are a-changin'' [Village News, Letter, 4/4/24]

John Terrell's letters typically involve pushing the Left's talking points. His latest one is about man-made global warming, an emergency according to much of the mainstream media. This was promoted 20 years ago by Al Gore (a major fossil-fuel hypocrite who famously claimed to have created the internet) who told everyone to quit debating a problem that is "settled science."

The unfortunate reality for Democrats is that the man-made global warming hysteria has been fizzling out. It may still upset teenagers or college students, but you can only tell people that every year is the hottest in recorded history for so long before they tune out. This so-called crisis is now low on the list of voter priorities, even among Democrats.

Terrell cites the Paris Climate Accords as the official decider of what's too hot for the world: 2 degrees Celsius above "pre-industrial levels." The Mercury thermometer was only invented in 1714, so how can you be certain of small degrees of temperature change before those were widely available?

This invention was also at the tail end of a cold era, so current temperatures will naturally be higher. Prior to that, loose alternatives to the thermometer such as tree ring widths are relied on. Scientists tend to admit the world's temperatures have changed during "pre-industrial" years. Do warm times prior to the Ottoman ice age, said to have started in the 1300s, count as pre-industrial?

Mr. Terrell says that there will be massive migration to the North to escape Global Warming. Why is it North, and not South of the equator to escape global warming – other than more preferable countries to move into?

And as usual, Terrell blames climate skepticism on the "anti-science" Republicans – he cites the left-wing BBC. There are however many actual scientists who are vocal skeptics of climate alarmism. The founder of The Weather Channel, John Coleman, refuted the man-made warming crisis very convincingly. A PragerU video worth watching: "Is There Really a Climate Emergency"?

David Lewis


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