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Love the organic produce

I want to personally thank Sam Logan, owner of Major Market, for his vision in supporting the significant expansion of his organic produce section in the front and center of his Fallbrook store.

Sam hired a very knowledgeable organic produce manager, Tom Fudge, who is committed to offering us the best. I very much appreciate being able to keep my shopping dollars right here in Fallbrook, saving gas and valuable time, rather than needing to drive to Escondido or Temecula to get a comparable assortment of fresh, top-quality organic greens.

This way I can buy fresh daily, which is so important for those of us who love to make fresh organic juice on a daily basis, on the quest for optimum health. For those of you who are not yet organic shoppers, try an experiment: Buy an identical item (celery is a great one for this test) with one being organic and one commercially grown. I guarantee you that once you taste the difference you won’t mind paying the minor cost increase, and supporting the smaller organic farms. Now that we have a wonderful choice, more and more of us can choose to avoid putting pesticides, fungicides and herbicides in our body or those of our loved ones. It’s interesting that few talk about the long-term effect of these toxic poisons in our bodies. Best of all, organic tastes so good, you’ll easily add more to your diet.

Find out what it’s like to feel really good!

Kyra Kelm


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