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Tentative map approved for Beavercreek subdivision

The county’s Planning Commission voted 7-0 April 2 to approve a tentative parcel map for a parcel at the south end of Beavercreek Lane.

The 13.24-acre parcel owned by Steven and Dawn Vande Vegte will be divided into eight residential lots ranging in size from 1.17 to 3.88 acres. The property’s A70 (limited agricultural) zoning requires minimum lot sizes of one acre.

Seven of the eight lots will be accessed by Beavercreek Lane, which is a private road, while the eighth lot will be accessed off of Fallbrook Street. The development will also be responsible for extending Fallbrook Street from the south end of the property to the western end.

An existing residence and garage on the northern portion of the property will be retained while the other residence and garage will be removed and replaced with a new residence. A well at the southeastern portion of the property will be destroyed prior to the recordation of the final map.

The overall average grade of the property is 11 percent, and the creation of the lots and building pads will result in approximately 9,500 cubic yards of cut and 11,500 cubic yards of fill with approximately 4,000 cubic yards of soil being imported. The subdivision will not significantly alter drainage patterns or increase the amount of runoff, and the drainage has been designed to flow either to natural drainage channels or to approved drainage facilities.

The site contains four existing open space areas totaling 5.06 acres. Two of the open space areas will be retained as open space easements for the preservation of oak riparian forest and woodland while the other two open space areas will be recorded as easements to provide a corridor through the site which will allow for wildlife movement. An additional 0.51 acres of Coast live oak woodland habitat and 1.96 acres of non-native grassland habitat will be purchased as off-site mitigation credits. Brush clearing and grading will be prohibited within 500 feet of the open space easements during the breeding season of raptors, which is defined as between February 1 and June 1, although if no active nests are present in the vicinity of the clearing or grading area that prohibition may be waived by the director of the county’s Department of Planning and Land Use contingent upon written concurrence from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the California Department of Fish and Game.

Individual on-site septic systems will serve the residences while water will be provided by the Fallbrook Public Utility District. FPUD will not need to extend its existing water distribution system to serve the subdivision and has provided a letter of service availability, as have the North County Fire Protection District, the Fallbrook Union Elementary School District, and the Fallbrook Union High School District.

The conditions of approval require the improvement of Fallbrook Street to a graded width of 84 feet from the existing cul-de-sac to the western end of the property. The county’s Department of Public Works believes that Fallbrook Street will be extended from the western property boundary to Stage Coach Lane by 2014, and until the extension west of the property is built Fallbrook Street will end in a temporary cul-de-sac 38 feet wide. The subdivision improvement requirements also include a ten foot wide trail pathway on the southwest side of the extension. Additional required improvements include a 32 foot wide private easement road which will connect Beavercreek Lane to Fallbrook Street and a private easement road within the panhandles of two of the lots. Noise barriers will be constructed on two of the lots to protect residents from vehicular traffic on Fallbrook Street while noise protection easements will be placed over three of the lots.

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