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Reducing highway speeds to 55 mph would be beneficial

Fairy tales concerning carbon dioxide in Mother Earth’s atmosphere are constantly circulated by radical environmentalists and incompetent politicians. I have bachelors/masters degrees, and more in chemical engineering from accredited four-year universities plus California’s Registered Professional Civil Engineering Certificate.

If the feds reduce maximum driving speeds on American highways to 55 miles/hour both carbon dioxide production and fuel consumption will be reduced enormously.

The amount of carbon dioxide in Earth’s dry country air under normal conditions remains between three one-hundredths of a percentage point (0.03%) and 0.04% which is an insignificant amount. In high populated regions, air may contain more carbon dioxide but Earth is rotating at speeds of thousands of miles per hour so air mixing rates are rapid.

Photosynthesis is the process whereby living plants synthesize (produce) carbohydrates from carbon dioxide and water in the presence of chlorophyll and sunlight while releasing pure oxygen. Carbohydrates are the ultimate source of energy for the whole animal kingdom. They are indispensable to man as foods and also provide humans with principal sources of heat, power, clothing, and shelter.

Carbon dioxide is plant food and excessive increases in carbon dioxide are largely caused by the conversion of farmlands into concrete city jungles. Mother Earth intended that all yearly carbon dioxide production is fixed by all earthly plants (plus required water). Radical environmentalists must stop their insane attempts to reduce America’s farmland water supply. Incompetent politicians must also stop replacing farmland with concrete city jungles and reduce highway speeds.

Archie McPhee


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