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Turn the page

Attending the Fallbrook Music Society concert on May 16 again reminded me of the importance of “turning the page.” I have been a guest of a long time patron of the Music Society for which I am grateful. In my memory of my original musical effort, piano at age six and clarinet through 12 grades, it was essential to “turn the page” of sheet music. Here 75 years later that fantastic group, even conductor Jon Robertson, is individually “turning the page.”

Regardless of instrument, flute, violin, tuba or bassoon, they had to turn the page. That’s quite some reach for a cello player. With the inventive minds of space age, Microsoft and cell phones, nobody has devised a simple automatic or remote system of “turning the page.”

Maybe nobody cares but I am willing to wager (up to a buck) that someone could, or should, create something that thousands of band and orchestra musicians would actually use. The sheet music stands appear about the same as well, and Gershwin’s Porgy & Bess can live on, but please, how about something to turn the page.

Bob Limpus


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