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Ashley Colburn: "Finding Wonder in the World"

'Just open your eyes and see the world'

– Ashley Colburn

Ashley Colburn. This 2005 Fallbrook High graduate has led an uncommon life. With a discerning eye she pioneered her own company: Ashley Colburn Productions. She is successful, and succeeds not only through her talents and skills, but through hard work. A lot of hard work.

Producing bold and fresh travel videos, she never runs out of material. The world is her canvas and she paints it with extraordinary skill. Her motto is: "Finding the Wonder in the World. Wonderful People. Wonderful Cultures. Wonderful History."

With that motto as a cornerstone, the videos open windows to captivating information about each country. They are a perfect balance of culture, architecture, local cuisine and natural beauty.

As a young innovator and adventurer, Colburn has already accomplished feats that most people never experience in a lifetime. Climb the Matterhorn? Yes! Produce a television show that aired in 500 million homes throughout the world? Yes! Won an Emmy Award? Yes – not one – but two! Visited 60 countries? Yes – and that's just a start!

"Climbing the Matterhorn is the biggest accomplishment in my travels. It is an experience I will never forget," Colburn noted. She was filming a series on Switzerland and had the goal of videoing the Matterhorn climb 150 years after the first successful attempt. In order to accomplish that feat, Colburn had to train for several months. "It was draining, both physically and mentally," she related.

Colburn's education at Colorado State University was instrumental in her success, and she was honored with the school's prestigious "Graduate of the Last Decade (GOLD) Award." In 2008, she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in technical journalism with a minor in Spanish. Colburn studied Spanish in Spain where she lived with a family who spoke no English. Studying abroad was her segue into world travel. "It started my travel bug," she noted.

While working with WealthTV, Colburn produced, hosted and directed an international travel series, "Takeoff with Ashley Colburn," which was filmed in 25 countries on six continents.

The first series that Colburn produced with Ashley Colburn Productions was "Wonders of Croatia," a seven-part travel series that covered the main tourist regions of the country. The filming sparked in Colburn a genuine fondness for Croatia.

"Croatia stole my heart back in 2009 when I arrived for the first time to film my first TV travel show, "WOW Croatia." From that moment, I knew Croatia would be a part of me forever."

In 2010, Colburn received her first Emmy Award for "WOW Croatia." During her acceptance speech she dedicated the award to the people of Croatia. "They're the ones that made the show really spectacular," she said. "It was an honor to be able to represent them..."

Also in 2010, Colburn was honored for "WOW Croatia" with the Zlatna Penkala Award (Golden Pen Award) from the Croatia National Tourism Board. This remarkable video highlights various elements of Croatia including cathedrals, castles, monuments, cuisine, artisan works and natural wonders. It is a charming and inspiring portrayal of Croatia.

Colburn won a second Emmy Award with, "Wonders of the World: Machu Picchu," a documentary that detailed the Lost City of the Incas on the 100-year anniversary of its rediscovery.

"It was such an honor to visit Machu Picchu and produce a documentary about its history," said Colburn. "Words cannot explain how remarkable the ruins are and what an accomplishment it is to visit such a place. Machu Picchu is truly a wonder of the world!"

In 2012, Colburn took Silver in the Society of American Travel Writers "Lowell Thomas Award" competition for her video, "Takeoff Thailand," which was produced for WealthTV. This honor placed her in the company of travel experts such as Rick Steves and National Geographic Traveler.

The Ashley Colburn Productions letterhead states: "producer. host. travel expert." As you can see, she is all of that. But, Colburn is also a singing star. Recently, she had the chance to stretch her vocal skills when she was featured on a Croatian television series called "Zvijezde Pjevaju" or "Singing with the Stars." (The Croatian version of "Dancing with the Stars.")

The show's producers paired her with Bojan Jambrošić, a Croatian pop singer. Colburn said she was "blessed" to have him as a singing partner. Colburn sang beautifully – and with passion – in the Croatian language. Only one singing duo placed higher in the competition than Colburn and Jambrošić. The shows were taped live every Saturday night, prime-time on Croatia National TV (HRT).

"It was really the time of my life! Now that the show is over, I am recognized everywhere that I go, so the show was very popular."

Always on the move, Colburn and Jambrošić have just completed a music video where they sing "Zadnja Stanica," an original song written primarily for them after the "Zvijezde Pjevaju" show. This delightful video also highlights some of the charming and lovely areas of Croatia, and is sure to bring a smile to your face. Colburn produced the music video and has already been asked to produce other videos for professional singers. The production has become a hit, and Colburn and Jambrošić have been invited to sing at several festivals.

Involvement in Fallbrook musical groups prepared Colburn for her singing debut. As a youth she sang in CAST productions, and also in her church choir. At Potter Junior High she was a member of the Concert Choir and Show Choir.

Colburn is the daughter of veterinarian Dr. Steven Colburn and his wife Karen. Even as a youth she excelled. She showed her sheep, steer and swine at Del Mar and local competitions, as a member of 4-H, from the fourth grade through her senior year at Fallbrook High. She was also a 4-H all-star and state ambassador. For four years she served as a writing intern for the Fallbrook Village News.

Debbie Ramsey, managing editor (now retired) of the Village News, made a comment to me when Colburn's internship at the newspaper had come to an end.

"I wish I could clone Ashley Colburn. She is a talented writer, has a solid work ethic, is positive and responsible."

Ramsey also mentioned that people enjoyed talking with her – she has a gift of making people feel at ease.

Ashley Colburn is a remarkable woman who is leading a remarkable life. She has over 50 videos on the internet – probably more. Poised and confident, she appears to feel at ease equally on the stage and in front of the cameras. Not forgetting her roots, this kind and considerate woman moves ahead in a flash of energy. Bravo Ashley!

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