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Kicking It: Boredom sets in

Cabin fever is a real phenomenon. Stir crazy. Solitary confinement. Isolation. All of these are symptoms associated with this lockdown and run contrary to human nature. Especially for an extrovert such as myself.

Naturally, the gym is closed. Everyone has an extended membership. I pushed mine back to July 1 or earlier, whichever comes first.

Although it didn’t matter for me, since I was under self-isolation to ensure my good health when headed to Europe. Certainly that trip didn’t happen.

In the middle of my pity-party, I’ve worked out once, well, maybe more, but certainly not daily like the fashion models.

“They say” housework is exercise. Well, it’s painful for sure. The old adage, no pain-no gain applies to everything associated with keeping this place tidy.

To reduce boredom, I find myself looking for activities. One day I vacuumed the two living room sofas. They are like little time capsules.

They are also telling a lot about who sits on them. Under my husband’s sofa cushions, I found a ball of used dental floss and a dime. Mine only held popcorn crumbs.

Now everyone knows how bored I am. The carpets look really good though.

Trying to get in more steps, I cruised Joe’s Hardware looking for a large watering can. It was cool; everyone kept their social distance even when lining up at the registers.

Since Joe’s Hardware didn’t have a watering can bigger than a thimble, I just snagged some herb packets and went looking for tomato plants. Of course, they were out.

Tomatoes were due Friday, March 20, in that vacuous time period known as “sometime.” I waited until Saturday and almost missed the shipment. Finally, everything is planted. Herb seeds are in starter containers, and the Big Girl tomato plants in a couple of new big pots. Has anybody ever heard of this variety? My favorite has always been Early Girl but, of course, there weren’t any on the shelves.

I’ve waved at a few neighbors as they walk by, but I haven’t stretched my legs with a long walk yet. It has been raining after all.

What has happened during this confinement period is my worst nightmare. Cautiously, I’ve avoided it for more than a decade. But desperate times call for desperate actions.

I joined Bridge Base online. I may never leave the house. I played for over five hours online the first day. It is so addicting especially when partners you know join the game. Imagine how skinny my fingers are going to be, while my derriere widens?

Didn’t I mention a while back that Vincent makes homemade sourdough bread from scratch? Of course, he lost weight. Now he has developed a spectacular recipe for sourdough waffles, which means no one will lose weight. The pungency of the sourdough culture permeates even the bedroom walls and lures one to the kitchen to enjoy warm waffles.

Meanwhile, it’s taking a long time to unravel eight months of trip planning. Like most things, it’s a process.

Let’s all vow to do better. Take a walk, followed by a good hand-washing including the fingertips.

P.S. If you remember the movie “Shakespeare in Love,” you will recall the theaters were all closed due to the plague. Well, it’s here. No theater performances are scheduled until further notice.

Elizabeth Youngman-Westphal can be reached by email at [email protected].


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