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'Chicksneyland' project beautifies a local chicken coop

When the pandemic first began, many local residents started working on large home improvement and beautification projects to occupy their time. Among these residents was Nicole Benitez, the creator of a Disneyland-inspired chicken coop for her chickens to enjoy.

Benitez works as a talent agent out of Los Angeles and, last year, work came to a halt in Hollywood because of COVID-19. She was eager to begin a new, productive project to distract her from the pandemic, and this inspired her to build "Chicksneyland" for her chickens.

"My business came to a complete standstill and I needed something to do," said Benitez. "This project helped me and my family to ignore the negativity during this trying time."

Benitez has been raising rare breeds of chickens for four years, and she currently has eight coops.

After noticing that her chicken coops were not providing enough room for her chickens and the coops were becoming less aesthetically pleasing, Benitez decided to build Chicksneyland in an unused space on her property.

According to Benitez, when she began the project a year ago, she was working on Chicksneyland every day and spending more quality time with her animals. Her husband and children also pitched in and helped in the building of Chicksneyland.

"At first, when I told my husband the project, he thought I was crazy," she said. "Then, he got on board and helped me build Chicksneyland. It gave all of us something to do during COVID."

So far, Chicksneyland has coops based on Aladdin, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Cinderella, and more.

Benitez and her husband have five kids, and they have lived in Fallbrook for 11 years. They enjoy the sense of community Fallbrook has, and Benitez said that she has enjoyed seeing the positive reactions from family, friends, and neighbors when they see Chicksneyland.

"My friends and neighbors have been very supportive, and the chickens are enjoying their new space," said Benitez. "I really just wanted them to have a nice space to themselves. The field had no function, so it made sense for the chicken coop to be moved there. Chicksneyland provided a perfect functionality for the space."

If you're interested in staying updated on the Chicksneyland project, follow @chicksneyland on Instagram.


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