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More taxes coming?

Supervisor Jim Desmond

5th District

Last week, a group called Let's Go San Diego submitted signatures with hopes of getting a half-cent sales tax on the November 2022 ballot. This would help fund SANDAG's $160 billion transit plan. The group that brought this forward is primarily made up by the unions, which have been promised all the jobs for SANDAG’s plan.

With inflation at record highs, this is not the time for more taxes. San Diegans are struggling to pay electricity bills, groceries, gas, and now SANDAG and the unions want to make it even more difficult to afford to live here.

As part of their plan, most San Diegans are looking at three half-cent sales taxes. Here are all the ways SANDAG plans to pay for their plan, with your money.

· ½ cent sales tax – 2022 ballot, no expiration

· ½ cent sales tax – 2028 ballot, no expiration

· An MTS ½ cent sales tax (70% of the county)

· Fee per mile driven 4.3 cents –

· 2 cents regional

· 2.3 cents state

· Creating a new fee for ride-hailing (UBER or LYFT) $1.25 solo ride; $.65 carpool

· 819 miles of new managed lanes (toll lanes)

This is on top of already paying a ½ cent sales tax which was approved in 2004 and runs through 2048.

Also, despite some media reports, SANDAG still plans on charging people for every mile they drive in San Diego County. After the vote approving the $160 billion plan, SANADAG’s Board of Directors approved another vote asking SANDAG's staff to come back with an alternative funding source besides the per-mile tax. But, over five months after that vote, a new alternative has not been approved, instead, the mileage tax remains an adopted part of the plan.

I will keep you updated if the first tax qualifies for the November 2022 ballot. As I said earlier, this is not the time to hurt San Diegans by taxing them out of their car.


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