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America's Border Wall – Part Two

In these tumultuous times, the once-free Press has relinquished its constitutionally protected role as arbiters of the truth, forfeiting its mandate to side instead with the Democrat Party. Now it proudly misconstrues, hides, and disguises facts while propagating falsehoods to mislead the nation.

As a Jeffersonian Republican and in the interest of protecting journalistic integrity, I'm obliged to expose the following issues that are largely ignored or overlooked by the propagandists in the state-run media. My findings may not rise to the magnitude of covering the sword of Damocles or reporting on Robert Perry's North Pole expedition. Still, I assure you, these titillating tidbits of newsworthy insights deserve the exposure of sunlight that the once-free Press is reluctant to report.

For instance, did you know Los Angeles's district attorney George Gascon has been smuggling thousands of illegal immigrants into Los Angeles? Cloaked in the dim light of midnight, illegal aliens fly into LAX. Then they are shuttled off in a parade of unmarked buses ostensibly to hide this clandestine plot from unsuspecting Angelinos. Finally, they are dumped indiscriminately onto the streets of Los Angeles to join the ranks of the rat-infested homeless encampments littering the cityscapes.

This is being done at taxpayers' expense, aided and abetted by Biden's Department of Homeland Security, and without Congressional consent.

Were you aware that more than 70,000 Americans died from overdoses last year from the flow of fentanyl and other illicit drugs often carried on the backs of illegal immigrants into our country? This statistic is kept from Americans by the state-run media, who prefer to undermine our cultural integrity and American jurisprudence rather than report these inconvenient truths to the American public! And how about this "beauty," the Biden's Open Border policies have created more Cartel Billionaires than Silicon Valley produced last year? On behalf of the Sinola and the Jalisco cartels, muchas gracias, Joey!

This incursion of third-world trespassers will not end well for Americans, especially those working in our economy's service, food, hospitality, transportation and construction sectors. Clearly, these opportunists are "not" coming here to escape political persecution. They are arriving en masse to take and replace American citizens' jobs and reap the generous government handouts the Democrat Party enthusiastically offers them. The allure of free health care, housing stipends, and plentiful food subsidies is precisely the catalyst for this invasion!

At this moment, America is adrift, with indifference for her founding, a country forsaken by her political choices, compromised, and paralyzed by these overburdening foreign invaders. Who knew the Democrat Party would willingly dismember the American ethos seemingly without regret. Does this not reek of a treasonist plot to undermine our national sovereignty, a seditious scheme cooked up by the DNC bosses to enshrine their political power forever?

At this clarion moment, we must reclaim our nation-state while we still have the Liberty Bell to ring, a national anthem to sing, and a country where future generations can still achieve the "American Dream." If we are to preserve our national identity and not be engulfed by this unprecedented alien invasion, we must finish "America's Border Wall" once and for all!

Dave Maynard


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