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Gavin Newsom for President? Are you insane?

If it wasn't so ludicrous , it would be laughable. Gavin Newsom, the arrogant, sociopath wants to take the country the way he has "guided" California? We have so many problems, so many people leaving, and those of us who are staying are here to "fight " for California as it used to be.

I am a native Californian, but have lived in New Mexico (3 years) and Texas (25 years). and been back in California since 1989. It is important, actually imperative that we who love our state endeavor to restore its greatness. Why have we allowed it to be so taken over by the liberals who are at the heart of its ruination.

The true history of our state and of our whole country is being diluted by the progressive educational institutions. We have to re-educate our children beginning in elementary school because by the time high school and especially liberal colleges get ahold of them we are doomed.

Please begin with our local offices (school boards, county offices, etc.) who have our patriotic, not socialist, hearts in place. The more we who have the mindset of our constitutional republic, speak up, the better for our state and our country.

This country under the Biden administration is going to hell in a handbasket and we the people are paying for it. I pray that there are voters who are waking up to the huge debacle. I know I am not alone, but we need to unite, talk, hear each other and see what is happening.

God help us and God bless the America that our forefathers fought and died for. Please join our constitution study and energize your patriotism. We need each other.

Orolie Gubser


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