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How has it been 21 years since 9-11?

For everyone over 25 years old, we all knew exactly what we were doing on that fateful day at the hour of the first impact into the north tower of the World Trade Center. How has it been so long ago when that day was tattooed on our brains and on our hearts…forever?

For those who remember, we must pass along the message of “never forget” to our kids and grandkids since the events of that day are not being taught in schools (at least not in Fallbrook which is a pretty conservative enclave).

We must never forget for the 3000+ souls who perished that day and for the 7000+ American service members who subsequently perished in 20+ years of armed conflict for which 9-11 was the triggering event.

In their remembrance we must never forget.

Bob Hillery

Col USMC (retired)


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