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California voters – wake up!

We have 50 days to wake up and look at the hypocrisy of the liberals. We must begin with Nancy Pelosi's nephew Gavin Newsom, our "illustrious" governor. Please see what is happening to our state. Look at the crime, the homelessness, the illegal migrants who feel "invited" by this administration. Newsom says that DeSantis and Abbott are "kidnapping " migrants. To Martha's Vineyard? Are you kidding? These people are signing vouchers with requested destinations, New York, Chicago, D.C., and others.

I don't think they knew to ask for Martha's Vineyard. I think Governor DeSantis is right. Newsom's hair gel has invaded his brain. Now he wants to embrace legalizing marijuana growing. Please people, don't we have enough damage to this state already?

As far as the illegals are concerned, I personally know immigrants who went through the proper channels and are proud to be American citizens, because they did it the "right" way. I am so proud to know them! And what about abortion at will in California? Is that the kind of "haven" we want for our state?

The conservative candidate, Sen. Brian Dahle, is not well known, but learn about him at his web site, We need to support our conservative candidates or we will never get rid of "Grewsom, hypocrite Newsom." Please inform yourselves and your neighbors. Only God and our intestinal fortitude can help us take back our beautiful state.

As a native Californian, I pray for the prize of the west coast to be what it once was. Not only our state, but our whole country.

Vote for Conservatives.

Orolie Gubser


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