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Re: 'Adams takes over as Fallbrook Postmaster' [Village News, 10/13/22]

Re: ‘Adams takes over as Fallbrook Postmaster’ [Village News, 10/13/22]

I’m delighted to welcome our new Fallbrook Postmaster, Naomi Adams. I hope she will do well and make sure that no mail goes missing, either being sent out from our PO or being delivered to our homes.

In the past I’ve had several items I’ve mailed go missing, never to reach their destination, nor be returned, even with clearly marked return address. What happens to them? I’ve had to re-write checks and ask people who’ve sent me things when they mailed items to make sure I keep an eye out for them. I know every delay is not the responsibility of the local PO, but I’m hoping we do see improvement.

I have to add that I think it’s a shame that the United States government no longer supports the Postal Service with tax dollars. When this fabulous system was set up at the founding of our country, it was to ensure that every region of the country would be served and commerce facilitated without undue cost.

The PO served the small farmer, the small businessman and the landowning class alike. It was, and is still, good business when everyone has a way to sell and move their goods, and profit to the government was not a motive in the transaction. After all, the government was never intended to be a profit-making entity, but a service entity. I miss that about our PO.

Diane O’Bannon


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