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America under siege

Biden's economy is devouring the life savings of millions of American families like swarms of locusts descending on a wheat field after two years of unprecedented deficit spending and the Democrat's relentless war on fossil fuels. When Trump left office, inflation was hovering around 1.4 %, and today it has risen to a staggering 7.75 %!

While Biden and his doting lackeys are high-fiving each other over the modest improvement from last month's inflation report, most Americans are wondering how they will pay for the necessities of life. Still, as unforgiving as this economic crisis has become, nothing threatens our lives like the cataclysmic upheaval unfolding at our Southern Border.

Not since Genghis Khan rode out of the Eurasian steppes with his vast army of Mongol hordes has a sovereign nation's borders been so ruthlessly violated. Historians estimate 40 million lives were lost in the wake of Khan's invasion of his sovereign neighbors. Although the incursion at our Southern Border is without the bloodletting and ominous sights and sounds of war, it is undeniably leading us to an ill-fated destiny with disaster.

We are about to descend into the depths of a Faustian nightmare… one we may never wake up from! Unless Biden reverses his open-border policy, which is highly unlikely, America will soon be indistinguishable from the third-world countries from whence these illegal aliens fled. Yet this stammering, gaffe-ridden man has little inclination to end this masochistic madness and avert this impending calamity.

These are not innocent asylum seekers fleeing religious, ethnic, or political persecution, as Democrats like to portray them. Nor are they freedom lovers drawn to our borders by the impassioned words of Jefferson or Madison. Invited by NGOs like Catholic Charities and United Way, these economic opportunists are seduced by the lure of government enticements and guaranteed immunity from criminal reprisals by their benefactors at the DNC.

The Constitution offers few remedies when the federal government fails to protect the states from invasion. However, Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Kari Lake offered an intriguing solution while campaigning. Article IV of Section 4 of the Constitution provides a plausible resolution for this constitutional conundrum. It implies that when the federal government is remiss in protecting the states from invasion, it is incumbent on the states to enact all necessary safeguards to protect the rights of their citizens!

And what might those safeguards be? I realize the word "militias" is a forbidden term banished from the public square by social media moguls and the "Thought Police" on the seventh floor at the FBI. Yet "states militias" are precisely what our Founding Fathers envisioned for times such as these!

One final thought: If this massive wave of humanity is not brought to its knees, I fear we may be witnessing the final chapter in the American saga before she slips into the morass of forgotten empires and is lost in the archives of time forever… Let's not let it happen, Patriots!

Dave Maynard


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