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A county update

Supervisor Jim Desmond

5th District

It's been a crazy and unfortunate week at the San Diego County Board of Supervisors. I wanted to give you an update on the latest regarding Nathan Fletcher. On March 26, Mr. Fletcher claimed he was stepping away temporarily due to alcohol abuse and PTSD.

However, it's clear that this was just a coverup for infidelity and alleged other crimes. The next day, two women accused Supervisor Nathan Fletcher of sexual harassment and assault.

On March 29, Mr. Fletcher announced he would be resigning from the Board of Supervisors on May 15. While this is a pending civil case, it's clear that Mr. Fletcher should end his county employment immediately. He is still getting paid by the taxpayers, and if he remains in his position until May 15, he will gain another $25,000.

While the Board of Supervisors does not have the power to remove Mr. Fletcher, it's clear that he should not be receiving taxpayer funds while he sorts out his issues.

San Diego County faces many pressing issues, including homelessness, affordable housing, and inflation. Mr. Fletcher's actions are causing unneeded distractions, and his resignation should be effective immediately.

This situation raises the question of what happens next. There are two options: the Board of Supervisors can appoint someone if there's a majority consensus, or there will be a special election. There are pros and cons to both options. Selecting someone will save the taxpayers about $2 million, but the voters of District 4 won't have a say. During the first meeting in May, the Board of Supervisors will discuss their options, and it's important for everyone to stay involved in the process.

The County of San Diego does not tolerate any form of harassment, and victims must know they have resources available. If you've been a victim of harassment and are a County of San Diego employee, you can call the county at 619-531-5174. If you don't work at the county but are suffering abuse, harassment, or sexual assault, reach out to One Safe Place in San Marcos, or call my office, 619-531-5555, and we will get you to the right person for help.


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