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Oh the ironies of a two-tier system of justice

Julie Reeder


Ironically, former President Donald Trump was indicted again (likely to keep him from winning in 2024) on the very same day that the House Oversight Committee viewed the FBI document 1023 form with allegations that President Joe Biden took bribes in exchange for actions as Vice President. The 1023 form came to light from a credible FBI whistleblower who knew of its existence as well as many others.

The FBI defines an FD-1023 as “one of many forms the FBI uses to collect and catalog information for its law enforcement and national security work.”

I remember during the Trump impeachment hearings when ex-Ukrainian Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch testified that there were deals going on with the Bidens and she was told to just ignore them by the Obama administration. Ironic, isn’t it?

The whistle blower that is working with the House Oversight Committee said that all the investigations of the Biden family, including Hunter, have been “slow walked” for years now.

Its also ironic that the crimes that Trump is being indicted on, or accused of, are the same crimes Hillery Clinton was actually guilty of. However, she was not the President and did not have the legal ability to declassify any documents she had at home. Remember she had 33,000 emails on her personal server at home which she tried to destroy. Ultimately she wasn't prosecuted because she was running for president (and they wanted her to win). They said it just wasn’t that big of a deal. Ironic, I’d say.

This week the House oversight committee members reported that the 1023 form details an alleged $10 million payment to Joe and Hunter from the corrupt Ukrainian Burisma executive. The executive apparently said that he would route the payments through so many shell companies that the transfer would take at least 10 years to uncover.

What did this Burisma executive want in exchange for that money? He wanted to halt an investigation into his company (and Hunter Biden on his board) by a prosecutor in Ukraine.

Next, remember the video of Biden bragging that he leveraged $1 Billion taxpayer money to get the Ukrainian prosecutor, Victor Shokin, fired? It was an outright quid pro quo while, ironically, Trump was being impeached for his “perfect” phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and being accused of what Biden had openly admitted to.

Joe gave the Ukraine six hours and they complied. As it turns out, the Ukrainian investigator was also investigating Hunter Biden.

Next Hunter Biden did an interview on GMA and admitted he had no experience in energy, oil, gas, coal, or Ukraine. But there was no interest in an investigation by the CIA or DOJ or FBI. Or into the millions of dollars that the Bidens were receiving from China, Kazakhstan, and anywhere Joe had responsibility. Why would a widow of the mayor of Moscow send $3 million to Hunter Biden?

None of this is new information, it’s just that the form 1023 proves that the government knew what was going on and was ignoring it. We have been reporting on these crimes for years. It’s so corrupt. It’s sad and it’s embarrassing. If you belong to the right party, you are excused. If you are a Republican, especially one that isn’t part of the uniparty, you have every agency in the government weaponized against you for eight years.

What does it tell you when the FBI leadership insisted that the IRS disband the team that was looking into the money for the Bidens?

If you are a Biden or a Clinton and run a crime syndicate world-wide, or have classified files in your garage – no problem. In your corvette? No problem. Thousands of boxes of classified documents in university storage? No problem. No indictments, no raids, no bad press. It just all goes away.

And how much money did the University of Delaware and the University of Pennsylvania get from the Chinese for taking care of the Bidens? And the University of Pennsylvania got two ambassadorships out of the deal. And there were 10 Biden administration senior people being paid by the University of Pennsylvania with money that likely came directly from Communist China.

Fair is fair. Let’s see some impeachments and indictments for the Bidens.

America can not stand with a two tier system of government, in addition to the censorship of this information and the collusion of the news media.

Lastly, while we are talking about ironies, it's ironic that this week is the anniversary of the publication of George Orwell's 1984 and what we're seeing is exactly the use of state power that Orwell warned us against.


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