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Trunk or Treat Sheriff Officer

By Cesar Vasquez

I interviewed a sheriff who wanted to be a pediatrician, but she went through experiences in another job that made her shift careers. She really loves her job and her passion for helping others made her decide to join the Sheriffs.

The process of becoming a sheriff officer is long and challenging but totally worth it. You must take initial exams and go through an extensive background process. When they hire you, you attend a 6-month academy.

The academy teaches you about the application of law, defensive tactics, and weapons. After you complete the academy, you do another academy to teach you about working with the public. To become a sheriff, it takes about 1-2 years for the whole process. One of her favorite memories of being sheriff is that she enjoys meeting people and interacting with the communities.

In conclusion, it is long and challenging to become a sheriff but totally worth it because you can interact with people and help others who are going through difficult problems. Something that I learned about the sheriff is that her favorite food is enchiladas. Overall, it is worth it to be a sheriff officer because you help others a lot with their problems.


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