Okay, you nasty little stone-throwers


Last updated 3/29/2007 at Noon

It’s interesting to see Fallbrook’s nasty little stone-throwers come out of the woodwork when complaints of noise from Camp Pendleton, US Marine Corps are made.

By the way, contrary to some observations, there is no mention of air base or air station in that title, so, while we “stupid” people would have expected some helicopter noise, we were “ignorant” of the fact that it would persist at a low-flying altitude for 18 hours of every day. It appears that even Pendleton considers that a possible problem, since there is a “Camp Pendleton Helicopter Noise Complaints” listing in the Fallbrook Directory.

Some stoners believe our ignorance is indicated by our “choice” to locate in Fallbrook areas most affected by helicopters. Does the Chamber of Commerce have maps showing those locations? I didn’t see any in that office before moving here. Ann Harter wrote that she hears the helicopters lift off at 4 a.m. and return at 4 p.m. She must have been lucky enough to find one of those maps.

Regarding a Purchase Disclosure – some of us, who are widowed seniors on a fixed income, can no longer afford home loans so we buy mobile homes, pay cash for them and no escrow is involved. I purchased my mobile home on a quiet day and was not advised by anyone, seller or mobile home park management, that the quiet was an exception.

Move away, you say? That is not an easy option for fixed income seniors, since prices in areas other than Fallbrook have more than tripled. However, I may have a solution to present to Camp Pendleton regarding the noise problem. I suggest that Fallbrook be divided into four areas with each area designated for 18-hour, low-flying training for one week each month, giving the rest of us a three-week respite. Then, smug stoners can salute to their hearts’ content, ignorant complainers can have an entire conversation without interruption and we can all live happily ever after.

Bonnie Wright


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