US medical system inadequate


Last updated 8/9/2007 at Noon

Recently, I took my houseguests to the movies and we decided upon “Sicko.” I’m not here to elaborate on the quality of Michael Moore’s movie – you need to see it for yourself. My story relates to the conversation we enjoyed at a local restaurant on the way home.

My guests were from Britain and they both agreed, in essence, that the movie really brought home to them the inadequacies of the US medical system. Heretofore, they saw America as a rich country and, therefore, should have superior medical coverage across the board! They were appalled to hear what a large segment of our population has no medical insurance and that the percentage is growing!

This comment stuck in my memory: “We have to admit that we’ve done our share of complaining about the delays and bureaucracy in the British National Health Service <a single-payer system with everyone covered>, but we now realize just how fortunate we are in comparison to so many Americans.”

Make you think?

Robert F. Green


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