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Last updated 4/17/2008 at Noon

I think it is important for you to understand and know why we value the Valley News.

We began advertising with the Valley News around July 2005. We had met Shannon at the Children’s Matsuri, liked her and decided to call and advertise.

The next person we met was Jeannie Williams, our ad agent. From the get-go, Jeannie took an interest in our business that continues to this day.

As our ad developed, Cassie spent considerable time making changes, finding artwork and putting the parts together to create the right look for our business. Our ad has changed many times over the past three years and the dedication to making it right and the creativity involved never falter.

Recently, Steve and I decided to branch out and include another local publication in our advertising plan. It was a complete fiasco.

This paper was very prompt in collecting our money. However, they completely failed in customer service. Our ad was printed incorrectly as a result of this failure and when we expressed concern, we were told, “We don’t send proofs.”

Following this experience was another one that was nearly as disappointing.

Although I have made a point to express to Jeannie on several occasions our appreciation for all that she and Cassie do, I really want to make sure that it is heard on all levels.

Both Jeannie and Cassie go the extra mile. And they make a point of staying in touch so that they know what is going on in our business. We have not experienced this with any other advertising venue.

Another fact that really distinguishes your paper from the rest is that it doesn’t matter who you are dealing with; every person that we have come in contact with has been concerned about our business, helpful, polite and friendly and we are all on a first name basis. If something goes wrong, and that has only happened once, I get a call of apology and “we’ll fix it.”

I just want you to know that we appreciate doing business with people who care. Thank you for all the hard work that you put into the paper and for the assistance you provide to businesses that advertise with you. It is unequaled.

Stephen and Rebecca McGovern

Owners, Tenkobushi Temple School of Martial Arts

Editor’s Note: The Valley News, serving Southern Riverside County, is owned by Village News, Inc. and the “sister” paper to the Fallbrook/Bonsall Village News.


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